Genetic Counseling

Some bleeding and clotting disorders are genetic, so it is important that patients and their families understand the implications of the genetic aspect of the disease.

Our genetic counselor provides the following services:

  • Documents a patient’s family history
  • Provides education about the genetics of a patient’s bleeding or clotting disorder
  • Discusses genetic testing options for patients and family members, including benefits and limitations
  • Coordinates genetic testing for patients and family members
  • Reviews the genetic test results and its meaning
  • Assists with research studies that have a genetic component

Genetic counseling and testing may provide the following benefits:

  • Confirms an unclear diagnosis
  • Predicts a patient’s prognosis
  • Helps define the patient’s health management plan
  • Identifies family members who may be at-risk
  • Promotes the best options for risk assessment in family members